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Magic: The Gathering
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Active or not ?
Dragons of Tarkir draft 2 - Sunday 26th July.
Date preference for Dragons of Tarkir draft - 2.
Dragons of Tarkir draft - Sunday 31st May.
Date preference for Dragons of Tarkir draft.
Dragons of Tarkir draft - Sunday 5th April.
Possible 2HG for the next block.
Fate Reforged Draft - sign-up thread 2.
Date preference for Fate Reforged draft 2!
Fate Reforged Draft - sign-up thread.
Date preference for Fate Reforged draft.
'A Christmas Conspiracy' - Sign-up thread.
Date preference for a 'Christmas Conspiracy'.
Khans of Tarkir draft.
Date preference for the Khans of Tarkir draft.
Conspiracy draft 2 :).
Help for draft
Found: Half a M15 booster pack
Conspiracy draft!
Journey into Nix - draft 2
Next draft :), Journey to Nix.
2x8 or 1x16 for Journey to Nix.
8 person draft (final poll)
(Re)Born of the Gods: Draft 2 of 2
Dates/sign-up, Born of the Gods draft 1 (of 2).
8 person drafts, round structure re-opened
Magic The Gathering The Musical
izzet an EDH deck yet?
Shandy Drinking Standard Players!
All hail the queen
EDH shenanigans
Looking for these cards [2]
Power to the Pauper
Looking for these cards
Early Birds Magic rises again
Mini-draft round format.
8 player 4 round swiss vs 3 round swiss
Dates/sign up Theros mini draft no2 (Theros harder)
Dates/sign-up Theros draft 1 (of 2).
New Player in Chester
(fairly new) game tonight
Mini-drafts for Theros.
Monday 26th August - Multiplayer Madness V.
Two-headed Giant - no first turn draw.
Monday 22nd July - Multiplayer Madness IV.
Core M14 draft (2) - Sunday 15th September.
Draft tournament scoring options (plus swiss commenting)
Monday 24th June - Multiplayer Madness III.
Cards I seek
Monday 10th June - Multiplayer Madness redux.
Deciding ties - Booster drafts.
Monday 3rd June - Multiplayer Madness.
Core M14 draft - now mini-draft!
Interest in booster draft 6th/7th jul?
Modern Masters draft?
Changes to the Legend Rule
Job Vacancies at Gordian Knot Games Ltd
Dragon's Maze Booster draft - Format discussion thread.
Dragon's Maze Draft, buying spare Booster packs.
Dragon's Maze Booster draft - Sign up thread.
Looking for cards
Magic @ Wrexham Waterstones
New player questions
Collection for sale
Gatecrash Booster 17th Feb - Sign up thread.
Devacon Booster draft discussion thread.
Devacon: Magic the gathering Peasant costructed -cancelled.
Devacon: Magic the Gathering Booster Draft sign up thread.
All black game for Halloween?
Magic Wars!
Prize allocation Poll - Booster 21st October.
Devacon: Booster draft & Constructed
Magic madhouse Competitions
Suggestions for increased prizes (was - Poll: now ended).
Booster draft Sign-up thread, Sunday 21st October.
Date for Booster draft.
General Guidelines for play.
Potential Booster draft.
Closer tournament venues.
mtg group
Steam - MTG: Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013.
Magic 21/05
RGMB drafts
MTG Online?
Booster draft, Saturday in June - Expressions of interest.
Future MtG drafts.
Booster draft on 7th or 8th July?
PLay sheet to help play
Booster draft 9th April - Expressions of interest.
Goblin tokens left behind
Booster draft on a weekend.
Dark Ascension Pre-Release
MtG tonight (23rd).
RGMB Dark Ascension Booster draft
Magic the gathering - tiebreak decisions
Sorry I did a silly thing
Overflow Magic draft, 2nd January
Booster draft 2nd January - Expressions of interest.
Early Birds Magic Club - 6/2/12.
Liverpool Store Championships
Innistrad Booster draft
Early Birds Magic Club - 17/10/11
Innistrad Pre-Release
Format for Booster draft discussion thread.
MtG - 15th & 22nd August.
M12 Booster - Bank Holiday 29th.
RGMB M12 Booster Draft
Early Birds MtG - 11/7.
Alternative Art MTG Cards
MTG: Duel of the Planeswalkers.
RGMB booster draft
Double-Headed Giant Legacy tourny
MTG Legacy Tournament
Booster draft April 25th.
RGMB MTG booster draft 29th March
Stuff from Monday 7th
How we buy the packs for the Booster Draft, Apr 25.
Magic the Gathering - Booster Draft Easter Monday April 25
Hey there, new to the area!
Emperor Rules.
Lost card.
Buying cards.
General guidelines discussion.
MTG Clubs around Ellesmere Port
Magic the Gathering Fans
31st May Cube/Booster draft.
Magic the Gathering - Booster Draft 30th August.
Magic the Gathering Tournament?
Magic the expensivening
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