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We Be Goblins trilogy from 12 June
Pathfinder Society Season 6 Changes
PaizoCon UK 2015 - Birmingham - 10-12 July
Core Campaign
PFS @ FanBoy3 - first Sunday of the month
PFS Fri 10 Oct 21:00 (Roll20/G+) Slave Ships of Absalom
August - Pathfinder
PSA: Aasimar/Tieflings OUT, Kitsune/Wayangs/Nagaji IN
Monday July 14th - Assault on the Wound Lvl 3-7
PFS Monday 30th June "PFS 2-03 The Rebel's Ransom"
Confirmation of Character ID's
Gearing up for PaizoCon
PFS 23 Jun - The Confirmation (tier 1-2)
Highest level PFS PC?
Monday 19th May / 26th May
Pathfinder Society back from mid-May
PaizoCon UK 2014 - Birmingham - 25-27 July
UK Games Expo 2014
PFS Gen Con 2014 Blog: Season 6 Hints 12% discount ENDS FRIDAY
3XP - Cambridgeshire - 27-29 June 2014
Mid-season faction status & scenarios for rest of season
Venture Captians wanted
Praise Desna! Or how I learned to check the calender...
GMing PFS @ UK Games Expo 2014
A pleasant surprise
Monday 18th November
Monday October 28th - Murder on the Throaty Mermaid (1-5)
Monday October 14th PFS 5-02 The Wardstone Patrol
Not going to be GMing PFS for a while
For fans of minis.... the Reaper Kickstarter is back.......
Secondary Success Conditions
Woohoo... Level twoooo!
PFS may be on late if at all this week 23rd September
Power behind the thone
Ouch almost made the mistake
2nd of Sep - Chronicles
Can anyone help me with creating a Pathfinder Character?
Pathfinder Re-boot
PFS 26 Aug - 'Citadel of Flame'
PFS at FanBoy3
Season 5 - The Year of the Demon
PFS 5 & 12 Aug - 'Rivalry's End'
New Core Rulebook errata
PFS 3 Jun - 'The Icebound Outpost'
PFS 27 May - 'Murder on the Silken Caravan'
Kickstarter boon
Alas, poor Amara
PFS News
Dealing with darkness
April 8th - PFS "Season 0 #16To Scale the Dragon"
PFS Day at Fanboy 3 Manchester Sunday April 7th
PaizoCon UK registration opens...
PFS 18th March - #23 Tide of Morning
BIG news on PFS on Paizo blog later tonight.....
PFS 25 Feb - The Many Trials of Grandmaster Torch
Guido and Zarek are on holiday.
PFS 18 Feb - 'Black Waters' & 'Our Lady of Silver'
PaizoCon UK 2013: 20-21 July, Birmingham
PFS 11 Feb - 'Slave Pits of Absalom' & 'Echoes of t. O.'
PFS 4 Feb - 'Prince of Augustana' & 'Echoes of the O...'
PFS at Conception
PFS 21 & 28 Jan - 'The Disappeared'
Special Materials for Weapons
PFS 14 Jan - 'Silent Tide'
Crystalhue boon
Miniature finding thread
PFS 7 & 14 Jan - 'The Penumbral Accords'
Gaming (e.g. PFS) at my house?
What to buy?
PFS Objectives for 2013
PFS - Jan/Feb 2013
PFS 17 Dec - 'Decline of Glory'
RPG Superstar
Monday 10th PFS - Season 01 - Module 01 - Silent Tide
Rogue talents for Swarrk.
* Register your PCs on *
PFS 3rd December - The Hydra's Fang Incident
PFS @ DevaCon
Pathfinder Online kickstarting again
Paizo sale; ends Monday
Curioser and curioser... (Sanctioned APs)
Bestiary Box
PFS 19 & 26 Nov - 'Severing Ties'
Weapon Qualities
Kickstarter for poster maps
PFS 12 & 19 Nov - 'Murder on the Silken Caravan'
May be joining in at Devacon
(Off-topic) For Durzo
PFS 5 Nov - 'Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible'
Level Up Discussion
PFS 22 & 29 Oct - 'The Pallid Plague'
Pathfinder at Oddcon
PFS 15 October- - 'Among the Living'
PFS 1 & 8 Oct - 'Voice in the Void'
PFS 24 Sep & 1 Oct - 'We Be Goblins!'
PFS 10 & 17 Sep - 'The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment'
Chronicle sheets I need to give out
Poll IV: Short episodes, or longer stories?
Poll III: fixed tables, or mix it up?
Poll II: distributing players between tables
Poll I: 2 tables of the same scenario
CrispyCon - Pathfinder Convention - Peterborough Nov 16 - 18
PFS 27 Aug & 3 Sep - 'Rise of the Goblin Guild'
Skill items
Input / Things I may need thread
You can now play Aasimar, Tengu and Tiefling characters?!
Pathfinder RPG Cheat Sheets (for Liam)
PFS 13 Aug - 'Mists of Mwangi'
Want to give it a go!
PFS Season 4 - Year of the Risen Rune
PFS Slang
Monday 6th
Fast Play Character Creation Guide (and other resources)
Welcome new players!
PFS 30 Jul - 'Citadel of Flame' and/or 'Prince of Augustana'
For fans of minis - here's a tempting Kickstarter....
I should hopefully be bringing a new player on monday 30th
Paizo Tenth Anniversary sale
Mon Mothra
Fanboy 3 Saturday 7th July
Hero Lab
Greetings from Redmond!
House Rules
Advanced Race Guide
Pathfinder Online Technology Demo - Kickstarter project
PFS - 'The Midnight Mirror' - 11 Jun-16 Jul
No PFS on the Bank Hol (4 Jun)
Scenario tracker for Android
Advanced Races Guide
Adventuring Guides
Scenario Checklist Booklet
PFS - 'The Twofold Demise' - 14 & 21 May
Beginner Box Bargain
Faction Guide -> PFS
PFS - 'Defenders of Nesting Swallow' - 30 Apr & 7 May
PFS - 'On Hostile Waters' - 23 & 30 Apr
PFS April 16 - Perils of the Pirate Pact
New Boon!! Conquest Day!
PFS - 'The Prince of Augustana' - 9 Apr
PFS - 'Black Waters' - 19 Mar
Pathfinder RPG rules I didn't know
Pathfinder Society organised play rules I didn't know
My God, it's full of star(s)
PFS - 'The Edge of Heaven' - 26 Mar & 2 Apr
Con-Quest 2012: 14 April, Derby
Swarm Rules
Pathfinder Society Community Survey
Druid / Cavalier
Perform as a class skill
PFS - 'The Godsmouth Heresy' - 13 Feb-12 Mar
A.I. Script for Nyzrem Khapshol
Guide to Organised Play v4.1 released
Must-have for Gunslingers...
Synthesists and Item Use
PFS - 'Sewer Dragons of Absalom' - 16 & 23 Jan
Death, and recovering from it
PFS - 'Tide of Morning' - 9 Jan
Paizo discount code
PFS - 'Slave Pits of Absalom' - 2 Jan
What should my new character be?
PaizoCon UK 2012: 21-22 July, Birmingham
PFS Play Database
Sun 11 Dec: All Day Pathfinder @ FanBoy3
PFS - 'We Be Goblins!' - 5 & 12 Dec
PFS - 'Silent Tide' - 27 Nov & 5 Dec
Christmas break?
Knowledge Skills-Character Planning
Seven Veils Celebration
PFS - 'A Vision of Betrayal' - 14 & 21 Nov
PFS - 'To Delve the Dungeon Deep'- 7 & 14 Nov
Campaign Planning (post scenario suggestions here)
Pathfinder Society - 'In Service to Lore' - 10 & 31 Oct
Useful Links
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