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PFRPG - Rise of the Runelords
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RotR: Things you didn't know
I will be there tomorrow, probably about 8:30-9
Ghlorofaex's Lair
I'll be there late tomorrow
Mon 16 Feb - still on
Swag Bag V - The Eidolon Strikes Back
* No session 8th Dec * (Was: Doh! I'm in London next Monday)
Vraxeris' Journal
Mage's Disjunction
The Scribbler's Rhyme
Swag Bag IV - A New Hope
RotR - restart 25 Aug(?)
August - Pathfinder
Death of the giant
Whilst we're in an elven trading city....
Session as normal on bank holiday 5th May
No session 31 Mar
Session 03/03?
No session 24 Feb
Adventure Path Enthusiasm (off-topic)
Character sheets
Swag Bag III
Cara's day off
Monday 23rd
Follow-up from 9 Dec session
Ok so I died
Monday 18th November
Scoutís Charge / Skirmisher vs. Uncanny Dodge
Monday October 14th PFS 5-02 The Wardstone Patrol
The book we found - one language unknown.
Sandpoint + catacombs map
Cara's Swag Bag II - The Revenge
Carmine's Yee Olde Crafty Shopee.
One chapter ends, another begins
My favourite words to see in a statblock
Mad Monkeys - Spell choice for Carmine.
No session 22 July
Toppling Magic Missile
Adventurer's Armoury - Herolab add-on.
Chapter 2 starting 24 June
PFS 27 May - 'Murder on the Silken Caravan'
PFS 3 Jun - 'The Icebound Outpost'
Chronicle sheets
Art changes
Next few weeks
Alchemist abilities
Level up
April 8th - PFS "Season 0 #16To Scale the Dragon"
No session 8 April
Easter Monday - Are we playing or not?
Stupid GM
Sandpoint Handout
Cara Confidential - an in-character synopsis....
Character sheets
RotR - First session tonight
Can I Play or Not?
Social Contract
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